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Pectin manufacturer wheat protein global industry industrial bacteria protein,[bovine skin gelatin powder]Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27th, Hong Kong SAR Administrative Chief Expo▲…=, Lin Zheng Yuexuan, said on the 27th that the Legislative Council considered through “2021 to improve the Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill•▽◁”▽◁◇, to ensure that “Patriot Governor□□□☆” Major marker. Lin Shi Yue said that in recent years, the political chaos in Hong Kong fully explains the Hong Kong election system▪◇▽, so that the opposite chaos is organically multiplied▲★■, enter the special zone political system, seriously damage the Hong Kong constitutional order▽◇•, endanger national security and hindering governance. In order to block vulnerabilities, disorderly◁☆◁□, the National Peoples Congress passed the decision on improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System on March 11, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in the count.

Original title•★△○: Media revealed that the signage of the “Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation” will be suddenly suddenly seen by the Northern Wilderness Daily, located in the Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Bureau of Heilongjiang Province in Harbin, Hongqi Street, has become “net red”, many People come from all directions, just in touch with this big door. Everyone knows that the eight big characters of the “Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Administration☆▼◁” in front of the gate will be replaced by the “Peking Wilderness Group★○”▪▷☆△. The transformation of the name indicates that the Heilongjiang reclamation area is about to bid farewell to the old system of administrative leadership, embrace the new system of the Northern Wilderness Group as the main body★☆□◁. In the face of the alternation of the new and old institutions, many people, especially those who have dedicated youth and sweat in the construction of Beida Wilderness, say goodbye to the years of the years. Say goodbye to better travel◁■◇. Under the new system, the north is n▲○◆.

Original title•-▼★: Pick up Wang Wentao, Wang Zhonglin□●□, Wang Zhonglin, was sent to the Source: Changan Street◇=•□, a foundation of Jinan Municipal Committee, Wang Wentao★▷◆▪, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang●▽○, 1 month, and its passenger finally lowered the high-key phase – Jinan Mayor Wang Zhonglin has served as a municipal party committee secretary◇◆▽-. Just, the website of the Communist Party of China has updated leadership information, showing Wang Zhonglin has been served as secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee★•. “We have to rectify the behavior of Take the card. Who is a brand of Jinan▷◇★☆, who we will be a meal .=▲◆.•★.” In December 2016, Wang Zhonglin said this in the Jinan Work Decree. At that time, Wang Zhonglin just arrived in Jinan for less than one month, ▷●”generation”=☆△, ▪●▽”generation”◁▲▼, “generation”●▽◁▷, has not been removed▽★◆•. However☆▲☆▽, if this is a voice, there is a sound resonance. In the late month=•□☆, there was a large smog in Jinan◇★. 21.

Original title: The establishment of these two foreign-related sectors, the significance of March 13th=-★, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Beijing Peoples Great Hall, and the State Council of Councils Wang Yong to the 13th National Peoples Congress About the statement of the reform plan of the State Council (Ziyuan: Zhongxin▷•…◁.com) On March 13▼◁◆●, the State Councils institutional reform plan announced, two of these new sectors have the meaning of the elasticity, one is the National International Development Cooperation▷▪●, one is a country Immigration Authority◆◇△◁. According to the State Councils institutional reform program submitted to the National Peoples Congress, the main responsibility of the International Development Cooperation Agency is to develop major issues▪•-, planning, policies, coordination of foreign aid and proposal△■●=, proposing the reform of foreign aid programs, and plan Determine the external assistance proje.

The road to self-reliant science and technology innovation – “Science and Technology Third Session” held in five years, my countrys science and technology work has remarkably○•▲•, in 2016, the three sessions of Science and Technology, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a call to the science and technology community, to develop new history in my country At the start of the point, put technology innovation is more important•□-•, and the role of building a world science and technology strong country. In the past five years, the majority of scientific and technological workers have kept remembering, is sneaked in innovation, and they will continue to create brilliant achievements in my countrys science and technology. “Its the most difficult 15 years◆◆▪, now I will play lead, connect upstream, build a strategic technology for the national mass spectrum instrument, and win the strategic technology for fighting, winning★….” Guangzhou HX.