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[swanson chicken collagen type ii]Original title: As soon as the PP Food and Drug Administration should announce the results of the long-lived vaccine investigation, on Saturday, July 21, a …=▽□”King of Vaccine” quickly spread, and became one of the most popular articles. The reason why this article has such a big concern is because of the announcement of the “Changsheng Biological Violation and Violation of Rabies◆=▷□” issued by the National Food and Drug Administration on July 15. The announcement of the State Food and Drug Administration said that the companys freeze-dried people have serious violations of the “Pharmaceutical production quality management” behavior in the production of rabies vaccine production, but in some media reports, the conclusion of manufacturing fake drugs directly This caused some concerns of some people who have passed the rabies vaccine◁○•, but also caused the people to doubt in the quality and safety of domestic vaccines. The article of “King of Vaccine” took out Ka?

Original title: The National Peoples Congress represents Huang Shuhua Suggestion: Preschool Education Incoming Source☆▪: Views News Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Hongpeng) On the afternoon of March 4 It is still the short board for my country, and the top-level design must be fully enhanced from the national level, and the pre-school education is included in the scope of compulsory education, and the level and quality of pre-school education are comprehensively improved●☆◆★. Huang Naihua believes that due to the weak development of the pre-school education development□○•▼, the investment guarantee mechanism is not perfect, the childrens base▲▽, the demand demand●▼▷, the gate system is improved, and the pre-school education has many problems. For example☆▼★◇, high-quality education resource degree is serious, especially public kindergartens=◆, quality private kindergartens, and pragmatic educati.

Original title=■•: Two conferences Ma Huateng suggested to formulate “National Park Law” China Securities Network News (Reporter Shao Hao) After the two sessions, the National Peoples Congress◁△, the National Peoples Congress=○, Tencent Board of Directors, Chairman and Chief Executive official Ma Mi Teng this year, I will submit this year. A written recommendation on the construction of ecological civilization – “Issue on Encourage Social Welfare Organization to participate in the construction and management of national parks◁△”. Ma Huateng believes that national parks are a public welfare national project, and social public welfare institutions have natural advantages in participating in all-in engineering▲…. Public welfare organizations should play their own advantages, actively engage in the natural protection of my countrys national park as the main body, participate in the construction of “beautiful China”□□△. Ma Huateng proposed five specific recommendations: First=▷◇▼, formulate ◇▽★•”national pa.