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[protein energy drink industry statistics]Original title: Wang Jianjun: It is recommended to change the highest sentence of fraud to a low risk of fraudulent issuance, leading to the problems of such capital market violations and violations, have been concerned by investors○▪, especially small and medium investors○▼▲. Wang Jianjun□◆△•, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and General Manager of the Shenzhen Exchange, said that the reporter reporter reported that the illegal cost of the capital market should further improve the capital market. It is reported that during the national two sessions this year-▲▼, he led the “proposal on the revision of criminal law to increase fraudulent issuance of criminal law”-◇=. It is recommended to change the highest sentence of fraud from five years to life, and improve the amount of penalty accordingly▽☆. Wang Jianjun, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the general manager of the Shenzhen Exchange. Another proposal of Wang Jianjun focused on the disabilities of the Listing of the same share of the same stock. The question is “About the revision of the compa!

Original title▼▪: Kuomintang member▲□: If the Ministry of Public Entre, if the “Taiwan independence◆-…▼” and the road hard work will be more and more narrow [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the Hong Kong “China Rating Agency” August 25, the President of the Chinese Huaxia Medical Association, Su Qingquan, the Central Committee of China, Japan▽△, recently talked about Taiwan and Salvador “Breaking”, Su Qingquan said that if the Ministry of Divine Party wants to engage in “Taiwan independence■◇▷”, and the road is hard to dry, the road is definitely narrower. Su Qingquan said that there are two people in Taiwan, one is to agree with a Chinese, namely the same one in the bilateral▪-▷, agree with a family of bilateral destination. As for how to unify the two sides, how long will it take to unify it, it is the wisdom of this generation or next generation, but the prerequisites are to agree with a China; another person wants to engage in “Taiwan independence”, this is definitely no market•••▲. The most important people in the ruling people n?

Original title◁○: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The development of the block chain: How to make regulatory understanding and moderate supervision is challenging this years national two sessions, “block chain◁○▽” becomes a topic that represents a hot discussion★◁◆. This cant help but cant help but curiosity■△●●: what is the block chain? What role can it play in the future society? What is the nineteen report of the block chain, highlighting key common technologies, leading leading technology□○▲, modern engineering technology◆□○, subversion technological innovation, in order to build science and technology◆…◆, strong country, aerospace power▪◁, network strong country, traffic strong country, digital China Wisdom society provides strong support•☆▼○. If the development of Internet technology has brought tremendous changes to the state and society, the block chain will be the next technological innovation force in the process of human civilization. The block chain is called the ste●●■◁.

Original title◁-★: Shaanxi agreed to set up Tongchuan, Hancheng, Shanyang 3 provincial high-tech zone on April 2, the governor Liu Guozhong hosted the third executive meeting of the provincial government to study urban management comprehensive law enforcement▼◆, provincial high-tech zone construction, Provincial state-owned capital business budget management●▼□, provincial cultural advanced county selection review, cultural relics protection and other work=-▼. The meeting reviewed the “Shaanxi Provincial Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Ordinance (Draft)”. The draft has made a norm on law enforcement authority and scope☆▲△-, law enforcement norms, law enforcement collaboration▲◆…, and law enforcement supervision. The meeting emphasized that in accordance with the reform requirements of the party and the national institutions and the deployment of the provincial party committee★☆•, adhere to the principle of people-oriented, legal governance, source governance◇☆▼=, the principle of consistency●◆△◁, and further standardize the comprehensive law enforcement behavior, and improve the urban public service level in our province. The meeting decided to draft the draft to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress to consider. meeti.

News 1 + 1 丨 three days two tiger biting the dead incident gelatin bovine meaning peptide collagen 100 fish origin pantip gelatin japan standard capsule size! Who is it? Anhui Zhanggongshan Zoo•…☆, the breeder went in and cleaned in the case where the tiger was unlocked▪…•▼, and was buddy and killed by the tiger. Danjiang Peacock Valley Park, Henan☆□, Henan Province, feeding tigers were biting and died, and two tigers were biting and fled, and they were finally killed because of multiple traps■=•○. Three days, two◁•, face tragedy, what should we wake•○□? “News 1 + 1” Connection Chinese Academy of Institute of Zoology-=, the first batch of chief science experts in the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, the first batch of chief science experts, joint attention: Tiger biting people, who lived? Rent a tiger to show, who can rent-◆◆? How to re.Pure collagen.