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Pure collagen.[blooming of gelatin]China Xinwang on May 28◁▽☆-, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Health Committee website news, from 0◆◇□:00 to 24 May 27, Guangzhou has no new incremental diagnosis•★. 3 cases of new discharge cases△•■☆. As of 24:00□▲•, 2021, 828 cases of confirmed cases were reported in foreign countries, and 381 cases of diagnosed cases (including overseas input related cases) were reported. A total of 1178 cases were discharged, and 1 case was accumulated. It is still in the hospital for 30 cases. At 027◆■•▽, 2021, 6 cases were added, including 3 cases, including 3 cases of overseas. Add 6 cases of asymptomatic infection, no symptoms, no symptoms, 14 years old, Guangdong, Changmine, Guangzhou○○, Liwan District▲•, Guangzh.

Original title: Politics Bureau documented Chinas economy: “How to change■□★”? (Economic Observation) The Politics Bureau sets the Chinese economy: •▲◆●”How to change●◇”? China News Agency, July 31 (Reporter Zhou Rui) Although Chinas economy maintained overall stable in the first half of the year, the external environment has changed significantly, and some new challenges have begun to appear. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held in the 31st clearly stated that the current economy has changed “◆□○★. Based on this judgment, the meeting decided to seize the main contradictions and deploy a series of targeted measures. More than ten “steady” word hook sauna Chinas annual context In the first half of 2018, China GDP increased by 6■◇.8% year-on-year, and maintained between 6.7% to 6●▼▼.9% for 12 consecutive quarters◇☆. consid?

Original title: 16 years, Zhou Xiaochuan bid farewell to the central bank on the morning of the 19th, a seventh plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress…▪▲★, decided to determine the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, State Council△★☆, Minister of Council, Director of the Committee▷▪△, and the Peoples Bank of China□◇, The selection of the Secretary-General and the Secretary-General. Among them, the OK is the president of the Peoples Bank of China. This means that after 16 years, Zhou Xiaochuan officially removed the position of the Peoples Bank of China. On the morning of March 9th•◁, the Multi-function Hall, Zhou Xiaochuan and Outline▲□…, Vice-President, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange■▽◆, answered questions about China and foreign reporters on the “financial reform and development•■”. At the scene of “Police” (WeChat ID○■: XJBZSE), after the official question-●…, Zhou Xiaochuan is also asked by the reporter, Zhou Xiaochuan laug.

The citizen of the dog is paying attention! A few days ago, the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of the Dog (Draft” (referred to as “notice◇▷”)▽◇▼-, the citizen is up to 1■★.5 meters●■□, and the dog rope is up to 1.5 meters, and must carry canine dung clearance items In the past two years, it will be confiscated for dogs, and the dog is prohibited within 5 years◁▼. “Notice▲■” pointed out that any individual and unit dogs should comply with social morality, and may not hinder the normal life of others▽■•, and may not infringe in public interest and legitimate rights and interests of others. Individuals and units within the ride of the Richeng Expressway must go to the regional public security branch of the district public security branch in the residential (site) to handle initial registration and annual registration. Within the ring line of the city, there is a disabled person with the blind man, and the disabled people who have a disabled are supported by the help dog. It is strictly forbidden to raise large dog.

Original title: New Delhi from behind the Babas abacus, was broken by De Heland ..□-○. Iran invites Zhongba to build Chabahar Port, India▷=…: … The 14th from Pakistans news has made India. One. According to Pakistans ☆☆”Dawn”▽■•☆, the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarov has invited China and Pakistan to participate in the construction of CCB Harburg in recent visit to Pakistan, and connect Guadar Port. In December 2017▷★…, India and Iran signed an agreement to develop Chabahar Port, promised to invest $ 500 million for this▲◁. According to the idea of ​​New Delhi☆○●, the port of Chabahar is the new strategic channel in India bypass Pakistan Unicom Afghanistan and Central Asia, with the important strategic significance of ▽■…•”fighting China”. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarft “Iran has aroused the 外漪 in the Indian diploma. marine collagen peptide pectin powder

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