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[ankur protein industries ltd. website]Original title: What gaps in Shandong and brother provinces○●◆•? Liu Jiayi◆•, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, responded to Liu Jiayi at the opening of the group meeting, March 5th, and several delegations held an open group meeting to review the governments work-■. At the group meeting of Shandong delegation, the representatives made a statement in the development of this economy in Shandong, and answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. At the meeting, there was a reporter asked Liu Jiayi◆=▼, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Committee, and the province of Shandong and Brothers have a gap between the economy, and there is a problem with the style of cadres●…. In this regard, what measures have you made in Shandong★-◆◇? Liu Jiayi responded that Shandongs party members and cadres, the mental state is relatively high, and the style of style is comprehensive, and the partys loyalty is relatively high□▼▷▼. Measures to narrow the gap, Liu Jia☆▽=.

China News Agency▼▷▷, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Ni) June 12 is 2021 “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, the Chinese Culture and Tourism Department will carry out the theme “The peoples non-legacy people share” series of non-legacy propaganda Display activity■●-◆. At the same time▪★, the non-legacy propaganda display line held by various provinces and municipalities in China will reach 4…○▷,100◆◇. According to reports, the series of non-legacy propaganda demonstrations have five, including the ▼•◇”100-year hundred and versatile”, “China Traditional Craft Invitation” Exhibition★□▽, as well as the red non-legacy resource search activities and revolutionary stories, red song new book released. At the same time, it will be “cultural a.

Original title□▪◁▷: Xie Fuzhans dean of the Social Science Institute, the statement of the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, the official website of the Social Sciences■◆•◇, the official website of the Henan Provincial Party Committee…▽, Xie Fuzhan, has been served as the president and party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xie Fuzhan just immediately removed the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee◇-★. Wang Weiguang▽★▲, the former dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in March this year, has served as the 13th National National and Religious Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. On March 21, Henan Province held the provincial leading cadre meeting. Comrade Wu Yuliang, deputy director of the Central Organization Department=○, attended the meeting and announced the central decision: Comrade Wang Guosheng was a member of the Henan Provincial Committee△=, a Standing Committee•△, and Secretary; Comrade Xie Fuzhan no longer served as the Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Committee. Xie Fuzhan presided over the meeting and speaking-●○. Wang Guosheng☆▷○, Chen Runer spee!

Original title Australia□▼: Trump Tariff means is a piece of dish and a dish. Chinas economic weapon reference news network March 14 reports Australia “Sydney Pioneer Morning News” website March 12 issue is •★▽”Donald Trumps tough Chinese The articles of the Economic Weapon Performed in China have said that in the US and Chinas current economic war☆••▷, the US president has adopted an ancient weapon suitable for another era – tariff. This is a weapon that has been favored in the struggle in the name of the 17th century. His acting is generally waving, and the world media and the market are still moving. The article said that in fact, this is only small for China. Jim Lunnong■•, a large commodity analyst, said, “China is obviously a leading power in the world”, it produces the worlds production last yea▪=☆□? what is fish collagen peptides for pectin extractPectin manufacturer.

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