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[edible gelatin bloom 200]Xinhua News Agency, March 18th (Reporter Lai Xing) On the 18th, the Jiangxi Senior Peoples Court heard Li Jinlian intentional murder in Nanchang City. According to the criminal ruling, Li Jinlian•=, male, born on June 3□☆, 1950, born in Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province, June 3, 1950○◆▪•. In 1998, Li Jinlian was suspected to kill two children in the village with milk gum●■. In 1999, the first instance of the Intermediate Peoples Court of Jian District, Jiangxi Province was sentenced to Li Jinlians death▽○, suspended for two years. Li Jinlian did not accept, filed an appeal, and the Jiangxi Provincial Senior Peoples Court rejected an appeal in May 2000 to maintain the original judgment. At the beginning of this year, Li Jinlian was re-examined by the Supreme Peoples Court■▪•▲. During the re-examination of May 18••▼, the retrial council listened to the relevant opinions and held twic.

Original title: Sun Shaoyuan is a newly established decommissioned military affairs department (Figure / Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing March 19th, this morning, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Seventh Conference Appointed Sun Shaozhen as the Minister of Detailed Detailed Military Affairs. According to the State Councils institutional reform programs, the Department of Decommissioning Military Affairs□★△△. The retired military personnel of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the responsibility of the duties, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Central Military Commission, the relevant responsibilities of the Central Military Commission, the relevant responsibilities of the Logistics Safety▷○•□, and form the Department of Retired Military Affairs▷•, as the State Council▪●. Sun Shaozhen, Sun Shaozhen, male, Han nationality●▷▷, born in July 1960, Shandong Haiyang, participated in the work in July 1984▪●▲, joined in China in May 19.

Talent Wars refractive economic upgrade vitality (Rui Finance) Our reporter Wang Junling “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 27, 2018) Recently, Xians new measures were widely concerned. According to the latest policy, college students can complete online settlement by the student ID and ID card•◆□, which is open to the country. Experts pointed out that with the graduates of college graduates, the “Talent Wars…=□●” between the cities gradually warmed. Behind this is the deep era of the Chinese economy is moving towards higher quality development-◇, reflecting the enthusiasm of China s economic transformation and upgrading▪□. In fact▲★-, not only speed change shifts, not only the new and new needs, and the regional equilibrium coordinated development also requires the balance distribution of talents. “Eight Immorta.

Recently, 2021 (39th) China Physical Expo held in Shanghai, many new technologies, new products have appeared, showing the industrys innovation points in the past year and future. In particular, the sports venue facilities industry exhibits two clear innovation directions of “inward” and “export-oriented…=”…◆. “Export-oriented innovation”, that is, based on sports industry related technology, through technological innovation design☆◆★, overwhelmed fields outside the sports industry-◇. The external-way innovation trend demonstrated at this years Physical Expo is more deeper▷■☆, and the innovation direction is no longer limited to sports=●▷. It is moving towards a more extensive health concept☆▼. For example, the “Filter Readre Division Technology★▲” is prepared by participants□▲. Traditi.

Xinhua News Agency-▲•▪: I want to ask questions about Liu Yucun. We noticed that this years “Government Work Report” has proposed the word “medical”◇★◆•, and it is clearly proposed to force the people to seek medical treatment in the masses□•. Now the new medical reform has gone through the nine years, entered the deep water area, I would like to ask if you feel the biggest difficulty? Thank you. Liu Yucun●◇◁: First of all○▪, thank the reporter asked a question that is very difficult to answer. The reform of the medical and health system is a common problem in the world. In todays world, the most said the most, the sound is the most speaking, and there are two big countries, one is the United States in developed countries, and the other is developing countries China. Everyone may see all kinds of media, the American three presidents are very concerned about medical reform, and President Clinton even let the lady take the lead to do medical reform=•●, and the president is sti-…●◁.