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[pure beauty collagen]Original title: Chinas first cloud artificial smart chip released the world advanced horizontal smart chip is a core chip provided by mass data centers and servers for artificial intelligence-●…•. On May 3rd, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the first cloud artificial intelligence chip in China. The theoretical peak speed reached 128 trillion fixed-point operations per second, reaching the worlds advanced level, will be widely used in smartphones-△☆○, smart speakers□■, smart cameras, smart driving=■●, etc. Different fields – smart chips are hot spots of frontier technology and social attention, and is also a key to key links in the development of artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that if there is a leading algorithm=●■, we must be implemented by the chip★□. On May 3, the worlds new generation of artificial intelligent chip conference was held in Shanghai, and the Han Wu Ji of the Chinese Academy of Science○▪◇•!

Original title: Wang Yi talks about China and the United States trade friction: the trade war never solve the correct way to solve the problem. Journalists Nansbo on March 8, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded to China and the United States at the Foreign Minister of China▼▲▲=. It is said that the trade war is not a correct way to solve the problem. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•★▲◁: Zhang Yili joint collagen•★▷!

Original title: Do you really understand? What is it used by a white-breaking vaccine□▪? Bai Bai broke the vaccine (exactly a hundred white-breaking vaccine) was a combined vaccine configured in a permanent proportion of white-throat●◆▷, paragraphis seedlings and tetanus toxins. That is to say, the baby vaccinated that the vaccine can prevent three diseases of diphtheria▽△■, a hundred days and cough, and break the wind☆▼▼. After vaccination, after a hundred white vaccine, the ingredients can have a immune effect pectin citrus▽▽•★ ae proteina industries inc reviews pharmaceutical grade gelatin halal! The Hundred Dayguscura can stimulate the human body to fight against various antibodies against the 100-day Ethius, which can resist the cyclist cough infection without morbidity. White throat and tetanous toxins can cause the human body to produce corresponding antisoxins◁◁, which can be neutralized with diphtheria and tethaally •●◆▪”toxic” placed. How many times is it in a total of a lot of vaccines? According to my count?

Original title: Ni Prime Minister talks about China India “Key Friends”◁◆□★: I want to deepen the relationship between China and India [Global Times Special Reporter Wang Yi] According to Nepals “Kathmandu Post” on the 27th, the Nepalese government released on the 26th▼•■◆. New book ▲-=☆”Ni Zhen Relationship■▽▽”=•◆■. The Nepalese New Government also borrowed the attitude towards China policy, Prime Minister Oli said that Zhongri is a key friend and to balance diplomacy. The foreign ministers of Nepalese believe that Ni Chinese relationship will reach a new height. According to reports, the book has a total of 25 articles●…, including Prime Minister Orly○…□, former Prime Minister Nipild and other diplomatic officials. At the New Book Conference, Oli said how to deal with the relationship with India and China☆◆••, India and China are an important part of Nepalese foreign policy, and Nepals foreign policy is prioritized. .Gelatin capsule.