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[industrial gelatin 180 bloom]Original title: Developing domestic chips, China can not be three-hearted, the US Department of Commerce Week ordered to ban US companies from ZTE to sell products to China, and ZTE will suffer huge losses. ZTE products have a large amount of imported components from the United States, especially chips◆…•▪. After the news came out, ZTE A shares▼■, H shares doubled, and its US suppliers stock fell sharply, the most serious fell by more than 30%. The United States has been in the survey of ZTE for a long time, and ZTE is accused of being suspected of transporting sanctions to Iran and North Korea□▼. In 2016, the US has had a sanctions in ZTE. In 2017, it realizes the realization▷▽◁, but the US said ZTE provides false statements on the commitment to punish the companys employee issue○☆. However, analysts most believe that these are just the US excuse. Because the case has a long tim…….

Original title: [Announcement] Notice on the Third ▼▷○”Representative Channel” in the Thirteen National Peoples Congress□▪△, ◇▪”Representative Channel☆◁…-” centralized interview activities, according to the arrangement of the General Assembly, scheduled to 14: 05-14: 45 (the third plenary) In the north side of the Central Lobby Hall of the Great Hall of the People◇□▲○, the third “representative channel” centralized interview activities were invited to invite representatives of the National Peoples Congress to accept interviews (after listing), Welcome Chinese and foreign reporters to participate…△○. The Thirteen National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center March 10, 2018▼■■▷, the third ■-◁”representative channel” representative list Yu Hongyi (Director of Ningbo Municipal Peoples Congress●▪•, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province) Guo Dajin (10th Yunnan Provincial Committee, Yunnan Province Zhuozhen••, deputy secretary of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Yunnan Delegation○=■, Zhuozhen (Tibet Autonomous Region, Yuli County, Yuhai Towns●▽○□.

[王 毅: Taiwan authorities should return to “Nine-two consensus□■” correct tracks] Foreign Director Wang Yi: There is only one in China in the world, Taiwan is an indivisible part of China, which is the consensus of the international community for many years. Adhere to a Chinese principle▲●○, different Taiwans official exchange has become one of the international guidelines followed by countries▲▲. The only legal representative of the Chinese government has established diplomatic relations to carry out normal cooperation, it is clearly the correct choice of conforming the trend of the times, and it is also in line with the own and long-term interests of these countries and people. Of course, it is a general trend, and it is unlatbable☆■☆◇. Recognizing the “Nine Two Consensus”, I agree that the two sides of the strait is the key to advanceing the development of cross-strait relations. The trouble should end it. The Taiwan authorities should return to the correct track of “Nine-two Consensus” as soon as possible, so that both shor•◁=◆.

Original title: First! The highest inspection and procurator-General, the Supreme Leading Committee and discussed significant protest cases on the afternoon of June 11, the President of the Supreme Peoples Court◇-●▷, and Zhou Qiang, chief Justice, presided over the Supreme Peoples Court Trial Committee, discussed the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate to propose Anti-casement. The Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, the chief prosecutor Zhang Jun first preceded the meeting and speaking▷△. The prosecutors level is Zhou Qiang in the exercise of legal supervision. The trial committee system is an important part of the socialist judicial system of Chinese characteristics△●•. Since the partys 18th National Congress◇□, under the leadership of the partys central government, under the leadership of the Central Political and Legal Committee☆☆, the Peoples Court implemented in-depth implementation of the Party Central Committee on deepening the decision-making deployment of the judicial system reform☆•●=, and actively promoted the reform of the trial committee system. Deepen the judiciary, comprehensi.

Original title☆☆□=: The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice: Guanjin Qincheng Prison▲▼, the incomplete level of the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Shujun▪▼-, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice, accepted exclusive interview with “political incident” (WeChat ID: xjbzse)•●◆. Zhang Sujun□◁◁◁, who has worked in the Job Department, talked about the management of corrupt officials in prisons. This year, 999 criminals in the Spring Festival, the relationship between the Spring Festival-•▼▽, the relationship between the judicial department and the lawyers. When I talked about the management of prisons▼•, Zhang Sujuns bluntly said that there is a certain looseness of imprison officials in management, mainly to prevent them from suicide. However▪-●■, in the implementation of the law, the commutation of the commutation is strict with ordinary prisoners. Guan Qincheng prison, not completely watching the level ▼◆▲”political incident” (WeChat ID-•: xjbzse)○-=: After 1-●•=. gelatin powder 25 kg bag industrial foregoing protein reactor Pectin manufacturer.

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