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[bovine hide collagen peptides safety]Original title: shock! China is shocked by a production line▲▲: robot production robot best fish collagen peptides gelatin logo Pure collagen. baking gelatin sheets gelatin chemical formula! This picture. Informatization, industrialization is constantly incorporated, the smart equipment industry represented by robotics is booming. In 2017○□△, China continued to become the worlds largest industrial robot market, and sales exceeded 120,000 units, accounting for about one third of the worlds total production. At the same time, China has become the first consumption of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year☆▪, and 50% of 50% of CNC machines around the world are on Chinas production line. This year◇◆☆◁, Chinas total number of artificial intelligence companies is close to 600, jumping the world second; Chinas 3D additive manufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan, the product system is getting more and more, equipment reaches the international advanced level☆-○•. Look at the intelligent intelligence, high performance CNC system, the worlds mo.

Original title: Historical contribution to ecological civilization (observations) Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts and develops awareness of human civilization development law, natural law◆•▽▪, economic and social development•▽•▲, has become China Communists bring to China, bring to the world A historic contribution …▽▲○”Still the peoples blue sky and white clouds-●▽, the star flashes” ●▽”also gives the people to the green shore of the people▷○…,” Let the people eat with confidence…▼…●, live with peace of mind “” Leave the birds and flowers for the people “.●□.. -☆■☆.◁–•.△▽. Recently•-★▼, the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference was held in Beijing, and General Secretary Xi Jinping, the deep situation of General Secretary Xi Jinping▲▪, outlined an important goal of solving the outstanding ecological environment▷☆•◇. It can be said that the ecological environment is a major political issue with the purpose of the partys mission. It is also a major social issue related to peoples livelihood◁★. ▽=◁”In the past 5 yea▽☆▪.

Original title: Wu Guanghui, deputy general manager of 2018○▲, two sessions, Merchants Flight,●▷: The third domestic big plane first flight, Wu Guanghui, answered the reporter◇☆. The Beijing News reporter Xue Yu took the Beijing News News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) This afternoon-☆, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting. After the meeting, the deputy general manager of the National Peoples Congress, the deputy general manager of Shangfei Company=•▲, the academician of the C919 chief designer Wu Guanghui received an interview▷□. Before the end of the year, the third C919 will first fly•●△, and there will be three aircraft in the next year▪■•=. For the reporter asked the latest progress in the C919 large plane, Wu Guanghui introduced that in May last May☆■▪, the first C919 plane first flight, flew the second frame, and two aircraft flew 23 shelves. The recent reason is not flying because it is doing modification. The first increase in water is related to i.

The annual 3.15 consumer rights protection day is coming■★. For a long time, Chinas billionary shareholders did not have a “shareholder rights protection day”•▽▷, the phenomenon and incidents of investigating interests in the capital market, are uncommon. With the enhancement of legal awareness, the phenomenon of investigating claims through lawsuits. Since 2017, what are the listed companies or their live controls violate their interests? How many investors have privileged, claims? According to the reporters incomplete statistics, in 2017, only the SFC system will open a super 50 penalty for listed companies. The lawyer of Wang Zhibin, Shanghai Minglun Law Firm, told reporters that since 2017•=▽○, the enthusiasm of investigators has become increasingly enthusiastic through legal means▲□▷◆. Individual claims investors even more th?