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Gelatin wholesale,[collagen tripeptide][Shu Yubi “: There are still 1 billion people in the world who have no power. Chairman Shu Yin, who said•◇◁: As of now, the national grid company invests in 7 countries and regions of energy backbone network△•▼-, total assets of more than $ 65 billion▽△, all projects Good operation•◆◇▷. At the same time, the overseas project general contracting package has accumulated 40 billion US dollars▪○, driving Chinas equipment export to more than 80 countries and regions△▲◁=. There are still 1 billion people in the world that have not been powered on△▽▲. Chinas electricity industry has significant advantages and strong international competitiveness in technology, equipment and management★☆=, which can make our positive contributions to global energy transformation and solving electricity poverty. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh?

China New Network May 28th (Reporter Yu Wei) Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center issued a new regulation of limited purchase restrictions, that is, from the date◆=, has obtained a certificate, has been signed by the net=◁, and has obtained a housing to get a housing to obtain subscription qualifications●▼◇, etc. Three cases, in the next set of queries in the second-hand purchase room▲☆▷□, it is determined as the number of housing sets. Specifically▽△•-, in Shanghai has obtained the issuance certificate=○, the network sign has been signed=▲, and there have been three cases of the new housing to obtain the qualification qualification. When purchasing the number of second-hand housing query names, it is determined as the number of purchases. This means that once the buyers have made successful, they will be included in the new housing•▪. They are included in the name of the real estate. If the buyers have not successfully selected houses○▽▲▷, the number of purchases will be “unlocked type 2 collagen hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine hide!

China News Network May 27th According to the Ministry of Commerce Website★★◆, May 27th, the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier of the State Council■•▼, China and the United States and the United States and the United States trade representative Dai Qi. Both parties have been honest, pragmatic, and constructive communication with the attitude of equality and mutual respect. The two parties believe that the development of bilateral trade is very important◆-◆, and the opinions have been exchanged on each other, agree to continue communication○◁□. [Edit★○△: Zhang Yanlin=▪○☆?

Original title: Liaoning ship passes through the Taiwan Strait•=■-, will it be in the South Navy? According to the Liberation Army, the Navy will hold a practical drill in the South China Sea◇▽. The outside world is expected to be the first big drama that is the most concerned in the actual combat training of the Annual Liberation Army●▷□, and it is very likely that Chinas first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship first participated in actualized exercises. Liaoning Ship or will participate in the South China Sea Exercise on March 21, the Taiwan Administration Defense Department said that the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier formation entered the Taiwan “Air Defense Identity-◁=” on March 20. On March 21, they will move to the southwest○■•▪, and judging Cross-region training. Another new comprehensive replenishment ship “Hulun Lake□▪” built for the Navy is specialized in the Taiwan Strait■■. When the news came out○●▼, it immediately triggered the islands public opinion. 2 days later Mar. industrial chromatography of proteins fish collagen peptide meaning