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[250 bloom gelatin powder]Original title•■: ◆○”Turn off the factory▷▪” lights, the employment opportunities will not destroy in real life, because they are rarely seen when they are replaced by the machine. There are many opportunities in the market, people have learning skills, active adaptation of new needs□▽, passive adjustment expectations, are normal phenomena. ▲ Image Source=▪: Visual Chinese Wen Chen Xingjie Do you think this scene–? When the night is quiet, the factory door is closed■◆=, and there is a buzzing=●==. There is no light on the workshop, no one, the machine is lonely-☆•◆. Is it very science fiction? This scene is already reality☆◇-. Recently, the Foxconn executives Chen Guanqiao chess showed their “turning off the light factory-○” to the outside world in a science and technology forum. Chen Guanqi said that many Foxconn plants dont need people◁-◆. “No one-◁■-, I will not worry about his hand will not be folded by the machine, will not be c.

Original title•◁: The “investigation artifact” belled in these cadres▷◇, so that Shanghai Universitys survey has a trace of large-scale research, and more and more leading cadres will enter the grassroots and ask questions. However, Xiao Yang recently found that Yangpu, Huangpus cadres went to the grassroots survey to visit, actually did not bring this notebook△…, do not bring a notebook how to invest-▼▽? It turned out that these cadres carry the latest “investigation artifact” “I am in the first line of Yangpu Research□▲◇•” data platform data platform integrated mobile phone app •◁•”Yangpu University investigation” and computer client, let all the organs bring mobile phone to home, each Sub-research■△▪▼, each issue is handled, each suggestion is on-site real-time record☆△, and the cloud can be checked in real time◁▼▼, and it has promoted the research and saves time and human cost-△△. Background and “12.

Original title: Nanjing publicly tried illegal fund-raising case: the amount involved in the case of more than 10 billion court audit No. 520○▷▽,000 people watched the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Wei) Today (4th)△□, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court, Nanjing Xue Xioli is openly heard on the 3rd◁▲▽=, and the amount involved in the case is exceeding 520,000. Nanjing Zhongyuan is tried◇=◁○, from June to July, 2013, Xue Xioli has established Nanjing Yidan Company, Jiangsu Yidan Company, after the distribution of leaflets■☆◆, with the help of the media, etc-◇■., using repetition Configure a deceptive way to transfer credit lists, illegally funding the public, and constantly open branches throughout the country to expand fund-raising scale. By April 2016, Xue Xueli is a company●▽▷•, a total of .Pectin manufacturer china best gelatin gummy pectin,