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[type ii chicken collagen protein]Original title…▼▲=: On May 1st, the smoking will be banned for 180 days. Escape tickets will also be banned by people who are banned through high-speed rail. In the EMU, smoking, once there is a smoking, will touch the train alarm▪▲◆△, EMU will Suddenly slowing down, even giving more serious consequences. On March 19th◇★▲▽, the National Development and Reform Commission official website issued a news. Recently, many communities have introduced new regulations for the “Smoking” of the EMU. From May 1st, smoking in the motor vehicle and trains, and it is forbidden to take the train within 180 days=•★. At the same time, “Forced high-speed railway door” and other disturbances○•◇, resulting in a bad social impact, once entering the blacklist, will also ban the train 180 days. I illegally smoking●▷◇, and I will prohibit the train recently, the National Development and Reform Commission■■◇, the highest people in the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Civilization Offic◁△.

Original title△☆: Shaanxi Town An △★◁”4 · 10″ crisis transport vehicle explosion system illegally loaded explosives caused Xinhua News Agency Xian April 15th (Reporter Yao Youming) On the morning of the 15th, Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province announced “4.1” dangerous The results of the survey of the transport vehicle explosion accident▽★■, the discovery of the explosive accident is caused by illegal loading and unloading explosives. The staff of the Zhenan County Party Committee told reporters that the public security organs survey, visited the survey, visiting the video, the expert group technical analysis, and identified Zhenan “4.110▲•…” dangerous vehicle explosion is due to the operation of the explosive◆▷▷, violating the safety regulations . At around 23◆★●▽:50 on April 10…▲…☆, a dangerous transport vehicle in the Buddha Town, Yuehe Town, Zhenan County-●, Shaanxi Province exploded. The accident vehicle is a dangerous transport vehicle equipped with 5.28 tons of emulsion explosives, and the license plate number is Henan SA3766. vehic.

Original title Zhang Zhanbin Committee: Promoting the structural reform of supply side□•, greater efforts, this year▷-=▪, my country is a year of structural reforms in China. Last year☆-…, the Central Economic Work Conference won eight important work around the promotion of high quality development, the first place is to deepen the structural reform of supply side. How to view the structural reform of the supply side, this years focus will be, during the two sessions•★, members of the National Committee of the CPPCC△◇◆◇, Zhang Zhanbin★▽△▽, director of the Ministry of Economics of the State Administration, accepted an exclusive interview with the “Economic Report” reporter. He said that advancing the structural reform of the supply side is a major judgment made by the central government. It is proposed for the major structural imbalance in my countrys economy. It is to crack the difficult problem in my countrys economic development, hot problem, frontier problem . Zhang Zhanbin said, “13th Five” rul▽▪.Gelatin capsule minecraft industrial foregoing protein generator swanson chicken sternum collagen type ii,