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[soft gelatin capsule]Zhongxin Net Shenyang May 27 (Li Wei) Deputy President, Shenyang City Trade Association■◇○▷, Fu Qinsheng held in the press conference held in Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office on the 27th, the 6th Shenyang International Robot Conference will focus on breakthrough new products , Industrial chain associations, innovation and key R & D planning results, exhibition will provide international display platforms, link production=◁, learning, research▲…▪•, use, and promote the benign development of robotic industries for the global robot industry. According to Fu Qinsheng, the 6th China Shenyang International Robot Conference and 2021 Sino-Japan-Korea Robot Industry Cooperative Round Table will be on the Shenyang New World Expo and live broadcast platform from June 6th to 8th▲▪, 2021. In combination, it is designed to promo•◇▷◁!

Original title○◁▪: five departments: Increase a group of educational masters degree authorization points in five years▷▼■□, Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 5 departments issued the “Teacher Education Revitalization Action Plan (2018-2022) It is planned to increase a batch of education masterpiece authorization points○…▽, and guide relevant colleges and universities to expand the progress of education. It is planned to propose “Teacher Training Hierarchical Action”, guiding support to the undergraduate major major of teachers, and increase the training of undergraduate teachers in the schools undergraduate level•▼◆○. In accordance with the relevant procedures, a batch of educational masters degree authorization points is added. Guide to encourage relevant colleges and universities to expand the scale of education in education▲=•○, and make overall support for graduate students from teachers education colleges. Support to explore ordinary high school teache-▽▼◁?

Original title■★: Community: Trump mouth is gentle■▲, China needs to be cautious in Trump●•, President Trump, Beijing time…●○, on the evening of the latest release▽□: ▪=•…”Xi Jinping Chairman and I will always be friends▽▲◆, regardless of our trade dispute◇□. China will cancel trade barriers▽○, because this is the right practice△★•. The tax will become mutually beneficial, Sino-US will reach an agreement in intellectual property. The two countries will have a great future gelatine halal food grade 30mesh□=★☆ joint collagen! △▪”This latest twice and Trump before Twitter has changed in tone, and the chairman and China have expressed respect◇▪☆▷. At the same time, his attitude towards China and the United States is mixed○…■●. He expressed the expectation of Chinas unilateral “cancellation trade barriers★•”, while expressing both sides “will agree on intellectual property rights”, it seems that both parties make one step. Reduce trade deficit and requirements for Chi chicken sternum collagen type ii Pectin manufacturer uses of proteins in food industry,!

Original title: National Net Truna Office and other three sectors talk about “Beautiful shot◇●” network live short video platform recent, “Beautiful shot▼•” network live short video platform spreads the minors vulgar bad information, destroying network ecology, and seriously affects youth body and mind health. On June 1st, the National Net Trust Office will follow the General Administration of Radio●•□, Film and Television, and the Land Network Letter Office shall jointly discuss the “beautiful shoot” related personnel according to law△•, and put forward serious criticism and order to completely rectify. Previously, the State Net Letter Office has stopped updating service penalties on the issue of serious illegal information on “Beauty)▲○◁=. The verification found that ●▽□■”beauty shoot” failed to rectify, the companys subjects responsibility is missing, neglect video content management, social public order◇•△, public opinion, due to the purpose of being used to get angle•▽, to obtain traffic☆▪…, continue to spread minors clothing★●▷, Sexuali?

China News Agency, Beijing▽…, May 28 (Reporter Zhou Yin) China Aviation Group Co◆▷.◁▲▲☆, Ltd▲□. (hereinafter referred to, China Aviation Group) News□▲, China Aviation Group Aerospace House Base was laid a solid foundation for the construction of Chengdu International Airlines. China Aviation Group said that China Aviation Group Aerospace Base is an indispensable support and protection of Air China to Tianfu International Airport, and realizes the intensive support and protection of Chengdu □■▷◇”two games★◇▪△”★●. It is an important measure of China Aviation Group to build an international aviation hub▪▼. China International Aviation Co◁•., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to▽◇, Air China) invests 6.1 billion yuan, the total construction area of ​​581,500 square meters, is the largest investment in the establishment of China Aviation Grou…■.