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[gelatin leaves to powder]Xincun Net, May 27th: “After the” Electricity Tiand Road “•▽△★, Li Jiangning Zhu Yiran Xie Li Rong Rong Rong Rong Rong Rong Rongrong,◁-△” Behind the Sky Road “•●■▲,•▽◆” Be sure to take the sunscreen, will not be exposed=△▪☆, fast After contacting me in time◇■, I will give you to everyone. ▷□◁”In the early morning of the 27th■…●,” Electricity Tiand Road “Qinghai-Tibet Network Project Annual Inspection Team has deployed, the National Network Qinghai Maintenance Company Comprehensive Service Center is responsible for the annual inspection▼▪•. A sunscreen is only a small detail in the logistics guarantee of the annual inspection of the Qinghai-Tibet Network◇▷. On the Engineering Operations War, always active a material supply, medical ambulance, hydropower maintenance▲◇=◆, cooking cleaning and vehicle driving and other professional.

Original title-▲=: The last bombing Hiroshima US military veterans: I dont regret that the old bomb is formed to throw the Tianjima●▲…. Data Map August 6 is the 73rd anniversary of Japans Atomic Bomb Explosion◁•. After 73 years, the US veteran Russel Gackenbach☆■, who was thrown to Japans Hiroshima▪▲◁★, still expressed his no regrets▼◁▷◇. He believes that the Japanese began war, and he did only end the war. On August 6=◇=, 1945▲△, the US plane lost the atomic bomb to Japan Hiroshima△◁◇■, which was used for the first time in the history of nuclear weapons for the war. The 95-year-old Rusher Kxbach is the only one in the world. He has participated in the US military who throwing an atomic bomb mission to Hiroshim?

The performance artifper is facing fans will be subject to the industrys self-discipline punishment□◁. The artist and program evaluation system of the only flow measurement, establish a multi-evaluation system with professional skills, social responsibility▲…•●, etc., inhibiting the momentum of capital without bottom line ● School and parents should join hands to strengthen guidance and education for young people, helping them to improve personality and Missing, establishing the correct =▷●”three view△◁”, avoiding the abduction of the fans under the capital drive, lost independent judgment◆△★•, □ Our reporter Han Dando•▼?