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[collagen skin care]Luzhong Morning News On July 19th□▷○★, •▼”Zibo never entered Changchun Changsheng production vaccine”, after investigation◆•, the information has been determined★…, and the report is incorrect. This newspaper adopted link to the relevant information on the interview, did not further pay further□○◇☆, un strict, mislead readers▷▽◁▽, and we sincere apologize and take the ring. At present, Luzhong Morning News has launched accountability and will seriously account for all responsible people including the chief editor☆●■▼. Thank you for your concern and support for the “Luzhong Morning News▲◇▪”•▽. You will continue to supervise and criticize our work. Luzhong Morning News July 22 Source•▼: WeChat Board -◁”Luzhong Morning News★□▽▼” Click to enter the topic□◆: Changsheng Biology is exposed “Problem Vaccine□◁●○” is punished by 250,000 inferior drugs today to pay attention to a hundred white brok.

Original title•▼: Han Changfu: Marketing in food acquisition is the 13th National Peoples Congress, one meeting▷●. The news center held a press conference at 10:30 am on March 7, inviting Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Justailing, Office Director Pan Xianzheng answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on “Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategies and Upgraded Agricultural Transformation”. The first financial reporter has issued the problem of food prices. Last year★□, corn prices rebounded, how to see? Whether the minimum purchase price of wheat and rice is lowered, will it affect the enthusiasm of farmers? Han Changfu said that rice supply is a bit large★▪=△, the basic balance of wheat, the price is still to further improve the formation mechanism of the price, so that the price will further close to the market☆◇. The truth says that there is a certain impact on the enthusiasm of farmers, but it will not be too much. whe•□-□!

Image Source▷□▼: Xinhua Net 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center Made on March 17 (Saturday) 15 In the Multi-Film■-, the Multi-Film●…, the Ministry of Environmental Protection•=○▽, invited Li Ganjie-◁, Minister of Environmental Protection=▽•, Li Ganjie, “Pollution☆▲-, Prevention and Control=…□” related issues Answer the question of Chinese and foreign reporters. The following is a text record◆▽: Central Peoples Broadcasting Station reporter: Last year○▼=, environmental supervision achieved full coverage, but there are two worry, one is worried□=●▷, there is a gust of wind, and the second fears have some inspection to some corporate■-, how to think about it? The supervision is an important function in the newly established Ecological Environment. How is the next step★-○•? Li Ganjie: Solved a lot of outstanding problems in the lives of people in life through supervision. Whether the central inspector can maintain a strong vitality•☆, whether the requirements can be implemented, or not, or ju gelatin market bovine serum albumin in collagen peptides▷▷ protein supplement industry in india!About Us wholesale gelatin!