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[50 lb gelatin]Original title: Southern Metropolis News: Asked Phuket Tour: Survivor said that the phoenix is ​​nearly 20 people do not wear a koh, only to clasp the door of the cabin-□◁◆: Southern Metropolis Thailand Phuket Events affect the hearts of many people, as of 7 days In the evening, search and rescue work is still in progress, a total of 41 people are killed (including 38 Chinese)■◇, there are still 15 missions (including 8 Chinese). According to multi-section boats-▪•☆, instant video and a lot of survivors, many people did not wear a life jacket at the time-•▪▼. This is considered to be behind the largest shipwreck in Thailand in the past ten years, is it related to the improper operation of the cruise safety standard? Whether the tourists have been reminded before the shipping instructions and is required to wear a life jacket? The cruise boat preceded video screenshot screenshot=△, nearly 20 tourists in the cabin did not wear a dress☆▼. Picture of pea▪-?

Original title: Hunan Anhua, a villager holding a firewood trunk hammer, 6 people have been detained boiling point New News (Reporter Liu Family Ocean) On August 5, a village in Anhua County, Hunan Province, caused 6 cases People are injured. Today (August 7), the local police reported that the suspect of the injured investment patriarid was suspected of being criminally detained on August 6▽●•●. At present, the injured is being treated in fullness★▽▼★, and the case is also under investigation. On August 5th, the villagers of Yunxishan Village••▪, Qingtang Town, Anhua County, Fu Lei (Male, 35) on the roads near his house and adjacent 3 houses, and used the firewood▷-•, dagger▽●■, Tools such as hammers, Li Moufu, Huang, Zhou☆•••, Zhou Yun, Deng Mou□=, Huang Mou▲★, Li Moumou and other six people, including Zhou Yun▲▪■•, Huang hu?

Original title: Responding to good peoples interest differentiation and ideology, the longer challenging the governing time◁•▽=, the longer the test, the larger (trial time) “Peoples Daily” (March 25■○□■, 2018), once the political parties have to create ruling performance, Consolidate the ruling foundation and explore the way of long-term governance…○. Therefore◆=, it is a major topic to respond to the ruling test and seek long-term governance★★•■. It is necessary to be a long-term ruling party to become a long-term ruling party, and the long-term ruling party is a concept of describing political historical phenomena. In general, political parties in a sovereign country reach or more than 20 years can be seen as a long-term ruling party…=, and long-term ruling political parties will profoundly affect the destiny of a country generation and even generations◁••◆. Whether a party can be intrica.

Recently▼•◁, Chinas Football Association has released the “Chinese Youth Football League and the Chinese Youth League Mens Junior Middle School” U13, U15 Competition Program “in China Youth League and China Football Association……, and extensive. This event will go to the club, social, young training institutions, sports schools and schools▲●△▪, eliminate the barriers of the competition-•■, become a highlight. Why launch China Youth Football League? Gao Hongbo, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, made an answer in an interview: ◇▼”The Football Association found that the football was very popular in the primary school stage. But in the junior high school△■, the number of kick children declined…-●▲, the reason lies in childre◁▷.About Us.