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[industrial protein production]Original title: American soybean agricultural advertising persuade Trump “Dont fight”…◇, this little brother is crying! “I support Trump Government, but I am very worried (they) currently in trade and tariffs. In fact, China is our largest soybean customer, which makes us very fragile. My farm, and many other and me The same peoples farm will become the first victim in this trade war. “In the early morning of April 2nd, the State Council officially announced the decision of the original 78 imported goods in the United States, and on the same day It began to take effect, and according to Reuters reported the same day, the US government will also announce the specific list of the investigation of China s commodity in large-scale duties in this week. Just as the scent of the scent of the China-US trade war is getting more and more confident, the American soybean farme.

The store took three fifty orders in one day? Dining takeaway takes the platform open time for a new store, a day, more than three or fifty orders▽○▪, can be ■•●”half a day” in the top of the total business, for consumers○◆, in multiple take-away platform “薅 wool ■●”It can save a cup of milk tea☆▼▷; for the industry, last year, the take-out industry that has more than 16% of the national catering industry in the country seems to have a larger stage space – recently◁▷…●, more than the platform for the platform for alleged monopoly behavior Pen ticket○★▼, and weigh the food and beverage industry. Affected by this, there is a positive response in the catering market. There are data show that “multi-platform upper line” has already begun in multiple cities such as Nanjing★★□. Forev▼■△▼?

Original title: laugh china pharmaceutical grade gelatin application of crude protein analysis in food industry☆•◁ gelatine capsules 00 size 0 collagen supplements for younger looking face! A detail is to see more today•◁□▲, and then think about the beauty of the United States▲•. On July 25th★■▷…, the China Civil Aviation Authority requires foreign airlines to modify the final deadline for the wrong mark of official website. Up to now, 44 airlines have all made a modification of the official website□★. Among them, the United States three major airlines – US Airlines▪▪-, Mid Airlines●◆-◇, Damei Airlines▼=▼, deleted “Taiwan◇▲” behind the airport name on the official website on the last day. However, netizens found a interesting thing in the process ▲◁■☆… This morning, I queried Da Mei official website, its state is still like this☆•=: Taipeis city name is labeled in Taiwan. Figure via @ fatiii Today it is like this: Taipei City is no longer Taiwan□◇○□. But during this period, some netizens found that it had had su.

Original title▲▼…: In China is not a legal place, the United States, the United States, I have just, the United States is not looking for China. This is not☆▷-△, Washington has issued a statement, requiring foreign companies to list the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions as “state” in their websites and promotional materials. There is no one in the world, the United States must do things. The cause of things is that many foreign airlines, including American Airlines, recently received the letter from China Civil Aviation Administration, requiring these companies to remove all the website to “national▽●…” as ▽◆▲▲”country▪-◇◆” on the website☆▽△. Information□=■. The practice of the China Civil Aviation Administration is just right▲=○, and it is the normal action of the management department of any sovereign state. However, the United States is to say three four. As everyone knows, there is only one in the world…☆, Taiw.

Original title•●-: Fishing boat is rescued, the fighter emergency takes off, staged the life and death, the naval transport plane took off from the airport of Qiong Island, transfer Nansha 187 Hospital, so that the patient turned into danger. On March 23, the Naval Air Force Available in Qiongtu Flights staged a “life and death speed” running with time racing. At 2 pm on the 22nd▼◆=-, a island reef stationed unit received a fishing boat to help, the ship fishermen Li Feng came to vomit blood, high fever◇★…, and people have shove. The unit was first dispatched with a medical group▽•▲…. After preliminary consultation, it was found that the patient had a grease bleeding. The amount of bleeding has reached 1000cc•▲▼, and the medical staff immediately took measures against anti-shock treatment, boosting, but still needed to further identify the cause. However◆•□, the medical conditions on the island are limited and surgery cannot be performed. The leaders of the stationary unit immediately decide?Pectin manufacturer!