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[bovine collagen peptides vegetarian]Original title: Huang Ailong•…□, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: The chest transparent project in the medical examination of college entrance examination should be changed to Huang Ailong, a Governor of the CPPCC. Special reporter Liu Wei photo Huadong Network Beijing 23rd 36, China Online (Special Reporter Yongjun) At the national two sessions, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Huang Ailong▽☆▷, Vice President▪▲◆●, Chongqing Medical University•◇▷…, suggest that the college entrance examination student medical examination The chest transpretation item should be changed to chest, which can reduce the radiation dose and reduce the health damage to students☆▼●▲. According to Huang Ailong=☆, there is a conventional chest perspective check in the college entrance examination medical examination. X-ray check is the most common project used to check the cardiopulmonary, mainly refers to chest and chest. What is the difference between the two? Huang Ailong said that chest transparent is a doctors continuous observation to patients◇◁▷◇, and the time is longer. The chest radiograph is on.

The Trump government hopes that more foreign investment enters the United States. I hope that American companies will bring overseas employment to the United States, and they also want to reduce the US deficit in trade battles-●◆, but these goals are incompatible□★•▪, contradictory, this is the US economic and trade policy▲●◆△. The problem is located. …▼-◁”Richard Cooper recently received this reporter interview. Cooper has long been a long-term, responsible for foreign economic affairs, serve as the Deputy Secretary of State, the Acting Secretary of State, the Chairman of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, is currently a professor of Harvard University. Not long ago, the Trump government signed an administrative memorandum, proposing Chinas export of large-scale tariffs in US products◇○▪, claiming that this will help reduce US trade deficit◁■▷●. In this regard, Cooper clearly stated that the collection of tariffs did not solve the United States trade deficit▷◆◁. ▼☆■▷”First, China has its reasonable rights under the framework of W?

Original title: The female cadres born in 89, the deputy secretary of the group committee, the Source: “Changan Street,” WeChat public number Xian Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued a city management cadre, 8 people proposed to promote the appointment or a flat-level transfer The post●•, the publicity period comes from June 22 to June 28•◆. Changan Street★•, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that there were 4 days of 80◆▷: 84th Wang Guodong was nominated as a secretary of the group, 85 years of Xu Hui△▲△●, Wang Fei☆◆, 83 years, and 89 years 6 The Essay of Yuxu is a deputy secretary of the municipal party committee. Wang Guodong is currently a secretary of Xian Municipal Party Committee for Haifu, born in July 1978•=◆□, Jilin Songyuan, deputy secretary of August 2012, and in May 2016◇▼◇. Changan Street, Item (WeChat .